Rus adguard russian filter

rus adguard russian filter

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Here is a dedicated page for people willing to contribute. This repository allows anyone to set of text-based rules that AdGuard apps and programs use to filter out advertisements and privacy-invasive content like banners, pop-ups, and trackers. Rules specific to a certain.

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RU AdList! - Adguard Russian Filter! - Adguard English Filter! - Adguard Spyware Filter! - RU AdList: Counters (vee-software.comkplus. AdGuard DNS (beta) Hosted in Russia - Security Concern? Russian Federation Country-Code: RU. RT-AC88U Which 3rd party dns filters do you use. Finished translating Advanced settings to Russian # ru/images?? ???? ?????. # Filter editor and Filtering log were drastically changed.
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